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Welcome to Solitaire One

I am a solo website designer, developing websites across all spectra; business, personal, clubs, blogs, etc.. Websites are developed on a temporary server for the customer to follow the designing process and change as we go along. A 50% deposit is required at commissioning, and once the product is finished to the satisfaction of the client, and the remaining balance paid, the site is uploaded to the permanent server address. I also develop CMS websites (JOOMLA) which cost more.

Affordable Web Hosting!

Don't be ripped off by your hosting providers! You can expect to pay monthly hosting costs by local providers from anything from R200.00 up to R800.00 per month. I can arrange hosting at a fair price which will provide 250 gig web space!, unlimited e-mail accounts, My SQL databases, and many additional features, at a cost of approximately R600.00 per year.

Site Maintenance

Once your site is up and running, maintenance of your site is essential to keep it current. I can provide this service at a cost agreed upon, depending on the complexity and update frequency of the content..

Server Transaction Security

Doing business online? Secure your Site and transactions online with SSL certificates!